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Intewell Technology is an automation system integrator and machine builder. We design, test, build and support a variety of automation machines. Our industries of focus include consumer electronics, automotive, renewable energy, food and beverage and medical. Intewell's business units consist of: Consumer Electronics Assembly Automation, Precision Inspection Automation, Automotive Assembly Automation, Lithium Battery Assembly Automation, Laser Welding Automation. Intewell works with a parent company EMD Technology, located in Suzhou, China where most machine manufacturing takes place.

Our Technology

Automated Mass Production Machines Built For A Variety Of Applications

Consumer Electronics Assembly Automation

Pick and place robotics and motion combined with a variety of machining processes fit many applications in the consumer electronics industry. All applications are simultaneously inspected to ensure correct assembly.

Precision Automated Inspection

A variety of Automated Optical Inspection, Resistance Testing, Adhesive Testing and Air Flow Testing Solutions. These machines can be combined with pick and place robotics for automatic loading and unloading.

Automobile Part Assembly Automation

Assembly lines for the automated assembly of a variety of small automobile components such as: rearview mirrors, seatbelt components, airbag components, and battery handling for new electric vehicles

Glue Dispensing

Automated glue dispensing heads allow for small amounts of adhesive to be preciesely placed for a variety of gluing applications in the consumer electronics and medical fields

Laser Welding

Machines pick and place small components and use high powered lasers to weld similar and dissimilar metal types together with high accuracy.

Standard Cells

Component ready machine cells built for pick and place sorting and inspection applications. These cells are commonly used in food and beverage factories, and can be made of food grade components.

Application Examples

Solutions implemeted around the world to automate and improve manufacturing

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